[TOP 10] Best Backpack Sprayer For Your Garden Or Work (June. 2021)

Not got the time to lug around a jug of pesticides with your bare hands? Looking for convenience that can only come from carrying equipment on your back? After all, you need your hands to work and can’t just go back and forth between working and dragging your tools all over the place. Nobody has fun with that, and anyone who says otherwise is probably lying!

It’s okay, your secret is safe with us.

And we’ve got your fix here today.

Check out this top ten list of the best backpack sprayers!

Backpack sprayers, as you may come to suspect already, are special spray tanks that can be worn on your back. Think about the backpacks you wore as a kid, or perhaps the backpacks your children currently wear to school. We wore them because they freed our hands and allowed us to improve our upper back strength as we went about our days. That’s basically what these sprayers do, only they do so much more!

It should be worth noting, however, that backpack sprayers are completely different from backpack blowers. Backpack blowers, such as leaf blowers that can be worn on your back, are not able to be filled with any substance and do not actually spray anything. They’re basically large hairdryers, really. This is not the same thing as a backpack sprayer and shouldn’t be mistaken for one another.

You ever seen the Ghostbusters movies? Well, think of their backpack blasters and that’s essentially how backpack sprayers work. You fill up the tank with a liquid of your choice, think water, bleach, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, rust removal, etc. Then you lock up tank and put your arms through the backstraps, now wearing the full pack.

Depending on the sprayer, you may have the option to adjust the spray settings. This feature, admittedly, is a blessing for those of you with particular tasks that involve spraying fluids. If you want to pressure wash your patio, you can do that. If you want a mid-force spray for your rusty equipment, go for it. If you need a light sprinkle for your flowers, have at it!

If you want to absorb malevolent spirits, then you’re out of luck, unfortunately.

Backpack sprayers can do anything but bust ghosts.

Your hands can rest now, ladies and gentlemen!

When you’ve lost your love and patience for handheld sprayers, backpack sprayers have got your back (pun intended). While other types of sprayers–think pump or hose end–are pleasant in their own right, they don’t quite live up to the charm promised by these babies. Backpack sprayers are specifically designed to bring comfort and convenience to users. And boy do they deliver!

Despite all the amazing sprayers on display on this list, the Field King Professional 190328 proves to be the biggest powerhouse of each backpack sprayer we’ve mentioned. With pressure levels that can go up to 150 PSI, no other entrant can top the power and force. Not to mention the amazing ‘no leak’ design that is verified to work! With all these perks in mind, you can’t do wrong with the Field King Professional 190328!

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