[TOP 10] Best Cantilever Umbrellas (June. 2021 UPDATED)

The first day of summer isn’t far from now, ladies and gentlemen! On the 21st of next month, we’ll officially be out of allergy and bumblebee season and be totally in sunny ray and sweating season. While some of us couldn’t be happier to experience hot weather in its finest form, a lot of us are not looking forward to it. Some people can’t handle the heat as well as others, unfortunately. So what about those who are in the middle; they like the heat enough to relax, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it?

The answer?

They are people who would most likely benefit from owning a cantilever umbrella!

While most patio umbrellas typically have one position in which they can open up (which is right in the middle), cantilever umbrellas are placed off to the side. They’re specifically designed like this so you can hover the umbrella over furniture such as lounging chairs and coffee tables. Not only does this simplify things out on your outdoor deck, it makes your lounging much more comfortable because you don’t have to position your seat around your umbrella. Not only that, but you can have the convenience of having a table without a standard patio umbrella obstructing your comfort or view of the beautiful outdoor atmosphere.

Finally! A way to enjoy your fruity martini without having to worry about accidentally knocking it over on your deck!

What an excellent question!

There a couple of essential details that you need to take into account when you go in to purchase your cantilever umbrella. Before we get into these details, we would like to issue you fine readers a fair warning. Cantilever umbrellas–or really any kind of umbrella, for that matter–aren’t built to withstand incredibly severe weather conditions. You wouldn’t believe how many negative customer reviews we’ve seen that state their biggest complaint as something along the lines of, “We just bought this umbrella and it BROKE during our trip to the beach! It was windy, but it surely would’ve been able to take it, right?! What a rip-off!!” No, they can’t. They might be strong enough to stand for many hours at a time, but they cannot handle incredibly strong weather–no umbrella can! So please be careful with your cantilever umbrella if you live in an area known to have strong weather on the regular (such as Florida or California).

With this warning out there for you guys to heed, let’s get into some of the core factors that go into purchasing a cantilever umbrella!

First of all, you need to take the umbrella’s height into account. This might be a common sense answer, but hear us out. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has made the mistake of using an umbrella that either hangs too low or too high. There are a few consequences that can come from having umbrellas of this types. Umbrellas hanging too low can be damaged after enough people accidently ram into it enough times, while ones too high are just generally massive pains in the rear to manage! The recommended height is around 9-12 feet in height.

Next up, you want a cantilever with a sturdy base. The base, as you’d probably come to expect, is the place in which you mount the umbrella. A good mount is one that is preferably built out of strong materials, such as metal or exceptionally durable plastic. This is important because if your mount is made out of cheap plastic or otherwise weak materials, it won’t be able to support your cantilever umbrella during your nice day outside. So be careful!

Lastly, you want an umbrella with a reliable locking system. This is another ‘stating the obvious’ type of factor, but it’s incredibly important all the same. If your umbrella doesn’t lock securely enough, you’ll find yourself and your shaded furniture possibly absorbed underneath the might of your umbrella. That’s not cool at all! Make sure your umbrella has a good locking system!

There are a couple of things to look for when you’re purchasing a cantilever umbrella for your outdoor deck. You typically want one that is dependable, i.e it won’t close up on you automatically nor will it break on you after a gentle breeze hits your yard. Sure, these umbrellas are known to be weak to extreme weather, and it’s not a give in that they’ll last against significantly strong winds. However, you still want an umbrella that can outlast the small stuff long enough for you to thoroughly enjoy your summer day as you rightfully should.

Thankfully, all ten of these lovely cantilever umbrellas have got you covered!

While these umbrellas all have very similar perks, only the KINGYES Offset Cantilever Umbrella promises all of them while maintaining a shockingly short price tag. Sure, some of the other options on this list are also cheap patio umbrellas. However, they don’t carry the same amount of benefits as our number one choice does. Of course, it also comes in one color…

But in the end, the final choice depends on you lovely readers!

Which umbrella will you be popping open for this hot weather?

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