[TOP 10] Best Cordless Edgers Of The Year (June. 2021 UPDATED)

Cords suck, don’t they?

You’ve been used corded technology for years now and you STILL feel all the same frustrations you felt the first time you used them. People told you that you’d get used to it and that you’d grow to love using tools that require cords to operate. But here you are–well into your adult life–and you still haven’t figured how to embrace the corded life. Perhaps you want to, but it’s just too annoying for you to put up with it anymore.

Thankfully, you have other options.

You can always go cordless!

Power edgers, otherwise known as lawn edgers, are grass-cutting devices that are used for refining the surface edges of your lawn. You may be thinking to yourself, “That’s all? Can’t I just use a trimmer or lawn mower?” While this is certainly a valid question, there’s really only one obvious answer we can give for it. Most questions asked can be given subjective answers, but not in this case.

The obvious answer is no, trimmers and lawn mowers are not suitable for these kinds of jobs. Trimmers don’t cut deep enough for edges to look natural and neat. Lawn mowers are especially inappropriate for edging jobs because they bring too much power. You want to refine edges, not scalp them!

Moral of this story, use power edgers for tasks that require refining–not full on cutting.

Because it’s much more convenient!

Seriously, how many times have you been held back (quite literally) by a cord that was just short enough to keep you from reaching the area that needs edging? How often have you found yourself accidentally unplugging your edger right in the middle of an edging job? What about all the times where your cord’s gotten snagged on an obstacle that hindered you from edging or trimming with the ease necessary to finish the job? Have you found yourself groaning and reliving each of these instances as you read them?

If you’re reading this article now, we’re willing to bet that you’ve experienced one or more of these scenarios a time or two!

Of course, cordless lawn edgers come with their own downsides as well. For instance, cordless edgers operate off of batteries, meaning they can easily die if you use them too much. You wouldn’t have to deal with that if you decided to stick with corded edgers. However, to argue this point, corded lawn edgers have the risk of overheating if they’re used for too long. Cordless edgers, on the other hand, only overheat if they’re used very harshly.

Cordless lawn edgers have many perks when compared to corded power edgers. They can be carried to the furthest ends of your yard without the fear of detaching cords and they won’t overheat as easily. Granted, you unfortunately get the brand new responsibility of making sure the batteries are fully charged and in good shape. Most cordless lawn edger batteries are rechargeable, but you never want to be too careful!

Thankfully, the options mentioned on our list of the top ten best cordless edgers all have rechargeable batteries. And while we’ve duly noted that BLACK+DECKER is the supreme ruler brand of this buyer’s guides, Worx and Ryobi have brought their own flavors to this kitchen for us to taste. Despite the superiority of these brands, all three have proven to be the best options for those of you who want to break away from the realm of corded lawn edgers. Which one will you be taking home?

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