[TOP 10] Best Hose End Sprayers (June. 2021 UPDATED)

  4    HD Hudson 60000GT

The HD Hudson 60000GT brings much to the table (or garden, rather…or possibly a shed). For one, this hose end sprayer is one of the cheapest products on our top ten list of the best hose end sprayers. In fact, it might very well be the cheapest. Can’t do wrong with economical savory, right?

Secondly, the HD Hudson 60000GT comes with 16 different mixing ratios. This is extraordinarily helpful for those of you who have very specific ratios in which you’re allowed to spray. You don’t see that very often with water-based fluids. However, chemicals–especially toxic ones–are certainly measured and tested before spraying. Toxic chemicals can not only damage you, but they can damage the environment around you. It’s always best to play it safe when using these chemicals.

And last of all, the HD Hudson 60000GT is built with anti-siphon technology, which helps prevent back-up.

But keep in mind that this normally means that leakage can be an issue at times.

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