Which Oil Should I Use in My Weed Eater? – Weed Eater Judge

Some weed eaters are powered with electricity and batteries while some are powered with gasoline

Gas powered weed eaters are available in two types of engine specifications, namely two-cycle engines and four cycle engines. In the first type, the oil and gas are mixed together in the appropriate ratio and poured in one tank but in the second each has its separate tank. Whether you are using a two-cycle engine or a four cycle engine, it is important that you use the right type of oil and gas in your weed eater. Not every type of oil should go into your weed eater. Some oil types are like poison to the engine. Rather than enhancing your engine’s life, it will spoil it.

Read on to know the right type of oil and gas to be used in your weed eater.

Before you pour any gasoline or oil in your weed eater, you have to make sure that it is the right type. Gas weed eaters usually take fresh, clean 87-octane regular unleaded fuel. The alcoholic content of the gasoline should not be more than 10%. If possible, choose Ethanol-free gasoline.  DO NOT USE DIESEL FUEL. 

Similarly, it is not every type of oil that is good for your weed eater. Normally, the type of oil to be used will be indicated in the user manual of your weed eater. So, always check the user manual to find out what the right type of oil for it is. It differs from brand to brand. 

Commonly recommended types of oil for gasoline powered weed eaters are Paramount, Weed Eater, Poulan Pro and Poulan. But there are other good oil brands that can be used in weed eaters. If you are not able to find any of these products on the market or the manufacturer’s recommended type of oil on the market, rather than using any type of oil you should consider purchasing a premium weed eater oil for air cooled engines. On no account should you use boat engine oil or automotive oil on your weed eater. This is because these types of oil can damage the engine of your weed eater as they are not properly formulated.

If you are using a two cycle engine, it is not enough to purchase the right type of oil. You have to also ensure that you use it in the correct ratio with the gasoline. If the fuel is greater than the oil, it will result in damage to the engine. The engine may even crack and knock. On the other hand, if there too much oil, the weed eater engine will generate heavy and oily smoke. The normal fuel and oil ration is 40:1. If you are pouring one gallon of gasoline in your weed eater, you will mix it with a 3.2-fluid once bottle of oil. Mix them together very well in a container before pouring them in the engine. It is not good to pour them into the engine separately, thinking that they will mix themselves. 

If you discover that the mixture ratio is not proper, it is advisable that you turn off the weed eater so that it will not be ruined. Empty the tank and then get the right mixture ratio before starting the engine again. Finding out when the ratio is improper is not difficult. The performance of the engine will tell you that. If the engine is generating heavy smoke, it may be a sign that there is too much oil in the mixture. If the engine is becoming too hot and making cracking sounds, it may be a sign that gasoline levels are too high.

If you want to store your weed eater for a period of time that exceeds one month, it is advisable that you empty the fuel tank. This is because the longer gasoline is stored, the more gummy it becomes and gummy fuel can block the system. It will also eat away at the inside of the gas tank and might cause problems later on when you try to start the device. Fuel stabilizers might help for some engines but they are not recommended for weed eaters as the fuel also contains oil.

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