Starting a Stubborn Weed Eater: Tips

​If you buy a strong weed eater you may not find it difficult to start the first time. But, as the machine gets older, you may begin to find it difficult to start. This is because the more you use a machine, the more it wears out. Older machines, including weed eaters, do not get gas easily into their cylinder head and you may have to do that yourself in order to start it.

Hard starting is not only limited to old weed eaters. Sometimes, new weed eaters may be hard to start. If you are finding it difficult to start your weed eater, you might find this article helpful. 

  • Check the gas tank to ensure there is gas in it.
gas tank
  • Sometimes some people may not know that there is no gas or fuel in their gas tank. They think that their string trimmer is not functioning very well only to discover later that there is no fuel in the gas tank. So, make sure that there is enough fuel in your tank before concluding that it is hard-starting. This might seem obvious, but on occasion all of us can make silly mistakes like this! 
  • Use a spark plug wrench to remove the plug from the machine
  • Sometimes, accumulation of carbon deposit on the rim point of the spark plug may cause it not to start. If there is build up of carbon there, remove it and clean the spark plug using a small flat head screwdriver or steel wool. But you have to be careful when you are removing the carbon build-up so that you will not break the white ceramic insulator on the head. After getting rid of the carbon, you can replace the spark plug into the chamber. 

Put on the choke and prime it 3 times. Whenever you prime it you have to wait for 4 seconds before priming again.

  • Pull the starter rope
  • Having gone through the above steps, now it is the time to try again to start your string trimmer. Draw the starter rope continuously until the engine starts. Since the choke is the first step, it has to rev up a little and stop. Now put off the choke and pull the starter rope again a couple of times. If the spark plug is good the engine should start. But if it is already dead, the engine will not start. In that case you have to put on a replacement spark plug. However, ensure that you put on the correct spark plug. Write down the number of the old spark plug and order a similar one.
  • Clean the spark plug arrestor screen
  • This feature ensures that hot particles do not escape the muffler. The escape of hot particles from the muffler can lead to dangerous sparks that might cause a fire. However, it is also possible for the plug arrestor screen to be clogged up. If it is clogged, it can cause the engine not to start. So, you have to clean it and then put it back.

By following the steps above, you should be able to start almost any gas weed eater. If you still can't get it to start, you may have to consider taking it to a technician to see if they can figure out the problem. 

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