[TOP 10] Best Electric Edgers For Your Lawn (June. 2021 UPDATED)

Cobblestone pathways are awfully nice, aren’t they? They make your yard look so much cleaner and organized. The neighbors look at your lawn with envy because their lawn isn’t as prim and proper as yours. You’re the talk of the block!

Or are you?

What happens when your lawn mower can’t cut the grass in a way that makes your path maintain its lovely aesthetic?

Do you panic?

No, you buy a lawn edger!

There are a number of different grass-cutting tools that we have the option to use for our yards. Lawn mowers are there to chop down grass that’s grown too tall, weed eaters are for cutting weeds (duh), trimmers are good for maintaining shrubbery and keeping your grass looking nice, and trenchers are excellent for tending to greenery found over yard trenches (again, duh). When this many features are covered by other inventions, you’d think just about any job that cold be performed on your grass can be handled by machines. But then there’s edgers.

Edgers, like weed eaters and trimmers, are hand-held grass-cutting devices. What are they used for, you asked? The answer is in the name, actually! You know the edges of the pavement in your lawn, as in the boundary between your lawn and the driveway?

You guessed it; edgers are there to keep those boundaries neat and not overgrown!

Depending on who you speak to, there’s a chance you’ll find somebody who thinks you’re crazy for purchasing an electric lawn edger over a gas-powered edger. “Those things don’t work!” your neighbor might vehemently tell you. “Electric edgers don’t work as well!” they may so boldly claim. And while your neighbor is entitled to his/her opinion on the matter, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right.

After all, they’re called opinions for a reason!

One reason people might prefer purchasing electric lawn edgers over gas-powered edgers is that they’re much more affordable. Gas-powered edgers tend to be a bit pricier than electric edgers, both short-term and long-term. Think about it for a moment; gasoline and oil always have to be refilled, while lithium-ion batteries tend to last a very long time before they need to be completely replaced. And if we’re going by market price alone, gas-powered edgers are often priced higher than electric edgers.

Electric lawn edgers are also said to be easier to take care of. With gas edgers, their engines can short out if they aren’t properly cleaned after each use. Oil residue can cause rust and build-up, which can destroy your edger if you don’t keep on top of cleaning regularly. With electric lawn edgers, all you have to do is clean out the grass from the blades and you’re good to go!

The best part about having an electric lawn edger is arguably the ecologically friendly technology it’s built with. Gas edgers, while powerful, are very bad for the environment. This is because they have a tendency to spit out noxious fumes whenever you’re cutting your grass. Electricity is safe to use, as it won’t increase your ecological footprint as much.

We all want to have lawns that look neat and orderly. Nothing can dampen your spirits more than an unkempt lawn. After a long day at the office, we all want to come home to a nice looking yard. In a world of chaos and disorder, we deserve to have something that’s in order–even if our lives are not. That even means having a nice lawn.

You know what?

We’re entitled to have a nice lawn.

Out of our champions today, the cordless BLACK+DECKER LST400 rises above the rest with its superior battery life, automatic spool feeder, and cutting capacity. The cherry on top of this grassy sundae is the dual edge/trim feature, which will be a godsend for those wanting edged out lawns while also wanting a nice trim that lawn mowers are too powerful to give. In our opinion, this black and decker cordless edger is worth the investment!

In fact, all of these electric lawn edgers are!

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