Things You Need To Consider Before Building a Wooden Summer House in Your Garden

Are you planning to add good condition summer houses in your garden? Check the wooden summerhouses to enjoy warm weather and cold evening at your place. These houses are available at affordable rates. Read more about summer houses and enjoy a holiday feeling:

Research Building Regulations & Planning Permission

Your garden and your rules do not, unfortunately, apply when setting up a wooden house in your garden. You need to apply for planning permit beforehand. The report pinpoints important detail like the size of a building, height of a building, the location, and the ways of use. Builders need to take care of two separate issues. The first one is building regulation, and the second one is planning permission. If you are looking to design a building that will have an internal floor space up to 15m² and the height will be lower than the 2.5m, you won’t be needing any prior building regulations and planning permission. Although the garden building is going to be within specified limits but is wise to discuss with your local planning office. This will give you a peace of mind to achieve your desired summer house.

Determine the Accurate Size of Your Garden House

It is wise of the makers to think about the probable uses of the garden building. It lets you choose the accurate building size. The wooden summer houses are something that residents deeply desire to enjoy for unlimited years and not just for the bright or sunny days. Therefore, it is recommended by the architects to decide on the size by consenting with the family members and the users of the wooden summer house. Consider everybody’s’ suggestions and opinions. Make a collective decision on the size before the builders start to work on the project.

Consider the Base/Foundation of Your Garden House

Once you have determined the right size, you can easily decide on the type of foundation by assessing the firmness of the garden ground. The less expensive option to foundation is going for the concrete slabs set on sand and gravel. This type of foundation is quick and easy to setup. For that, you don’t need to hire the professional help. Dig out 25-30 cm ground to achieve the base, fill with gravel, and lastly, put a good layer of sand to attain level surface. For finishing touch, you can place concrete blocks or slabs. The concrete base is a bit expensive, and probably you need to contact local professionals but it is best suited for garden houses.

Decide On the Thickness of Walls

Typically, the wall thickness for wooden summer houses are 28mm, 40mm, 44mm, and 50mm. The 19mm wall is also available in the markets, but it result in poor structuring of garden house and usually has short life span. Ideally, it is suggested to go for at least 28mm wall thickness. These walls work well for smaller garden houses and storage sheds. If you are looking to build a summer house in your garden at affordable price, then 28mm can be great choice for you. The 40mm to 50mm walls come with solid logs that have double groove and tongue. These walls are designed for a larger and thicker building.

Be Careful When It Comes To Insulation Performance

Go for good insulation performance choices when it comes to your wooden house. However, be attentive when you are considering the thermal performance. If you happen to skip the thermal bridges, pick the wooden-frame house that can offer high insulation. Logically, not all the wooden house frames offer the superior construction. It totally relies on your choice of insulation that you prefer to install in your wooden house. The most efficient choices present you with excellent outcomes. For instance, you cannot simply compare a sensibly insulated masonry house with an entry-level wood-frame summer house. However, if you desire a wooden house in your garden that can hold tremendous insulating features, then it is essential to get a wood that has poor inertia. When it comes to summer houses, the wood tends to heat faster. But, the wood will not attempt to release heat if it is efficiently built and holds the property of well-insulated masonry.

Pick Market Preferred Materials

You must have a great architectural freedom when it comes to building a wooden house. Presently, the wood material has become one of the architects’ preferred choice. They are massively considering for building contemporary house projects. The reason behind this enthusiastic choice is the material that offers significant architectural creativity, exterior framing, and interior design. Wood holds the property of flexibility; it is lightweight but is strong when the sophisticated construction tactics are being employed. So it is an ideal material in the eyes of market dealers, architects, and consumers. The wood material is also considered a great choice when it comes to extension projects. If you have decided on a wooden house and intended to expand one day, then pick market preferred wood material. Nothing will look more natural in your garden, then a fine quality wooden house.

You Can Paint a Wooden House

If you are someone who would like to paint a wooden house, then surely you can do that. Some people prefer natural look while some prefer painting a house with pastel or subtle colors. This decision is totally up to you that how you would like to beautify your summer house. In modern markets, the wood stains and paint have come a long way and earned its position. They can be specially mixed in any color of your choice. But, it is suggested to pick light wood colors during the construction phase. Remember that pastels painting require to do a lot of coatings so decide on your budget wisely. Just like the regular houses, you can also fit window frames and color them accordingly. It’s a great to pick the contemporary window frames instead of rustic window frames.

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